Investigate the Data
  • 08 Jun 2023
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Investigate the Data

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Article Summary

Deep-dive into specific traffic in the Dashboard

The Investigation page is made up of two correlating tabs; Analyzer and Forensics. The Analyzer tab presents detailed search results and insights into traffic sources. The Forensics tab presents the Activity Timeline, a raw data table relevant to the search parameters.

The Investigation toggle allows you to navigate between the the Analyzer and Forensics tabs.


Incident Types

Type ID




UI Anomaly

User interface interaction is typical of non-human users


Denied Service

One or more of the client's properties was denied


Custom Denylist

The request was denied because of a customer defined rule


Cloud Service

The request was detected as a cloud service


Anonymizing Service

Request originates from a Cloud Provider, VPN, Anonymizing Proxy or spoofed IP


Bot Behavior

Behavioral patterns deviate from typical human activity



The detected browser does not match the declared browser


Predictive Analytics

Anomalies in behavioral data relevant for the request


Automation Tool

Request properties indicate the use of an automation tool


Bad Reputation

In the past, users with the same properties performed malicious activities


Volumetric Rule

Activity exceeded volumetric policy definition


Missing Sensor Data

JS Sensor information was not sent


Allowed Volume Exceeded

Request volume anomaly detected

25Captcha Solving Attack
Indications of a CAPTCHA solving attack such as solving farms and solving automation

Investigation Time Range

When the Investigation page is opened independent of a Search, all of the account data is presented for the Time Range selected.

If the Time Range applied to the search is more than 14 days, the last 14 days of data is presented.


The filters in the Investigation page allow users to fine-tune the data presented. The filters in the Investigation page are the same filters as in the Dashboard_, but apart from the Time Range and the Applications selected do not carry over from the Dashboard during a search. The filters affect all data in the Investigation page.

Investigation Analyzer


The data generated by the search is presented in the Analyzer tab. A breakdown of all traffic sources contributing to the total percentage are listed.

Included in the Analyzer tab are the following components:

  • Traffic Over Time
  • Incident Types
  • Top Countries
  • Cloud Vendors
  • Services IP Classification
  • Top Paths
  • Top 10 IPs
  • Top User Agents
  • Header Referrers
  • To 10 ASN Organizations

Also included in the Investigation tab is the Activity Timeline. This table presents the raw data used to create the components in the tab.

Investigation Forensics (Activity Timeline)


The raw data table is displayed in the Forensics tab. It allows users to investigate raw data relevant to the information presented in the Analyzer components. The data is subject to the applied filters and provides up to the most 60,000 recent requests.

Users can choose which data is presented in the table by adding or removing various columns. The table's configuration is saved per user.


The data in the Forensics table can be filtered per column(s) of interest.


Some tips for searching the Forensics table:

  • Enter the column name followed by : eg. Traffic Types:
  • There must be a space between the : and the value
  • Column names are not case sensitive
  • All operators can be used

Search example: Traffic type: Legitimate Requests AND (ip: OR IP:

Table data can be exported to a CSV file with a maximum of 60K rows.

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