• 02 Jun 2024
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Latest version

You can find the latest version (3.2.5) in our Github repo or in Cocoapods.

Supported versions

  • HUMAN supports Xcode 13 and higher.
  • HUMAN supports iOS 11 and higher.
  • HUMAN supports Swift 5.5 and higher.
  • HUMAN supports Objective-C.


The HUMAN iOS SDK works by constantly profiling and evaluating device behavior to ensure that the connections to your mobile APIs and services are genuine.

This process is complex and detailed yet only requires initialization to manage a set of secure HTTP headers which are added to all HTTP and HTTPS requests made by the mobile application to the origin server. These HTTP headers are refreshed on a regular basis by the SDK as it is profiling the end-user’s mobile device.

The SDK works well with popular HTTP request libraries for iOS including Alamofire.

Demo app

For hands on experience with the iOS SDK before integrating with your own app, you can follow this link and download our demo app.

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