Setting Custom Parameters
  • 22 Jun 2023
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Setting Custom Parameters

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Article Summary

The Custom Parameters function allows you to enrich activities sent from the Sensor or Enforcer with additional data.

This may include a user ID, session ID, or any other parameter that you think HUMAN should have access to. The number of custom parameters is limited to 10 per application.

For Account Defender integration, sending an account ID using a custom parameter is mandatory.

You can set custom parameters in:

  • HUMAN Console - Here, you must also name the custom parameters. The names will help identify traffic associated with this or that custom parameter.
  • Sensor
  • Enforcer (see Enforcers documentation on our site)

If you happen to set custom parameters in two or all three places and they don't match up, the following rule takes effect:

  • Enforcer settings override Sensor settings
  • Sensor settings override Console settings

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