Top Ten Questions During Onboarding
  • 12 Feb 2024
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Top Ten Questions During Onboarding

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Does HUMAN Bot Defender impact Google Analytics and other good bots?

No. Bot Defender doesn't block Google Analytics. In fact, the solution offers integration and data classification enrichment.

How much of a latency impact should we expect?

Bot Defender architecture minimizes the impact on website performance by focusing on low-latency techniques. This document provides a breakdown of the user session flow within the different components of the HUMAN platform that powers the Bot Defender solution.

When is support available?

Human Services and Support solutions offer fast deployment and function as an extension of your team to provide proactive, best-in-class service and around-the-clock security analyst oversight. You benefit from proactive threat management with a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), delivered in real-time through your preferred communication channels such as phone, email or Slack.

What is Human Challenge?

HUMAN Human Challenge is a user-friendly verification that protects your web and mobile applications from CAPTCHA-solving bots while also improving your users’ experience. Human Challenge leverages HUMAN machine-learning technology and advanced threat research expertise to reduce the risk of attacks from CAPTCHA-solving bots. By collecting additional in-depth behavioral data about the user, Human Challenge detects and blocks CAPTCHA-solving bots, whether they use automated or manual methods. Learn more about Human Challenge customization.

What kind of telemetry is collected from clients via the HUMAN Sensor?

The HUMAN Sensor is a JS code snippet that is added to your website or application. It collects and sends hundreds of anonymized indicators such as user interactions including mouse movements, clicks and keystroke speed, as well as device behavior such as kind of device, battery level, and environment details such as window size, fonts and extensions. These indicators are an essential part of determining whether or not activity on your website or application is malicious. No personally identifiable information is collected in this process.

Can we integrate our single-sign on solution with HUMAN Console access?

Yes, you can. HUMAN cloud-native products integrate with industry-leading platforms so you can safeguard your digital business using your existing best of breed technology infrastructure. See the full list of SSO Integrations.

Can data from our Bot Defender Portal integrate with our SIEM?

Yes. Bot Defender includes several out of the box and customizable dashboards that help cybersecurity teams understand and respond to bot threats on their web applications. Being a cloud-native platform, Bot Defender also has the ability to stream logs to third-party solutions like a SIEM. Learn more about SIEM integration.

How can we manage roles and permissions for users?

Users are managed from Platform Settings > Users. You can add as many users as needed. The user's role and privileges are set when adding a new user. This role determines the data they can see and the actions they can perform.

What’s the difference between a simulated block and an active block?

When HUMAN Bot Defender is in Monitor Mode it will display simulated blocks as dotted red lines in the console dashboard. This represents traffic that HUMAN can and will block in the case of a malicious request. An active block is the malicious bot traffic that HUMAN is actively blocking. Active blocks are displayed as a solid red line in the console dashboard.

Where can I find more information about the HUMAN platform?

The HUMAN Knowledge Base is a great place to start if you have general questions about how HUMAN products work, and to get tips and tricks to optimize them for your specific business needs.

Want to learn more about Onboarding? Visit our Knowledge Base.

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