Upgrading the Enforcer
  • 09 Nov 2023
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Upgrading the Enforcer

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The Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer is composed of the EdgeWorker code bundle, the Akamai Property rules and variables, and the static files served by NetStorage. An upgrade to the Akamai EdgeWorker Enforcer may require changes to any or all of these components.

Updating the EdgeWorker Code Bundle

  1. Obtain the new code bundle from HUMAN. This should be provided as a zip file.
  2. Navigate to the EdgeWorkers service in the Akamai portal.
  3. Select the relevant EdgeWorker.
  4. Create a new version of the EdgeWorker. Upload the zipped bundle provided.
  5. When ready, activate the new version on either staging or production.

Updating Static Files in NetStorage

  1. Obtain the new static files from HUMAN.
  2. Navigate to the NetStorage service in the Akamai portal.
  3. Navigate to the File Manager in NetStorage.
  4. Click into the px folder.
  5. Upload the provided files into the folder. If necessary, remove the old files.

Updating the Akamai Property Rules and Variables

  1. Navigate to the Akamai Property on which the HUMAN enforcer is installed.
  2. Since published properties are not editable, create a new version of the property.
  3. Make the required revisions to the Akamai Property rules and variables. (See provided screenshots of the rules required for the Akamai EdgeWorker installation.) Save the property.
  4. When ready, navigate to the activate tab and activate the property on either staging or production.

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