• 16 Apr 2023
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Final tuning and monitoring of your HUMAN Defenders. When is my HUMAN Defender up and running?

Bot Defender

Finalizing Tuning and Enabling Blocking Mode

  • Please review traffic for any false positives and add any required Custom Rules and Bot configurations as mentioned in the Configure Policy and Baseline section.
  • When everything is signed and finalized you can enable Blocking Mode (Blocking Mode is also referred to as Mitigation Mode). Blocking Mode is enabled on your Enforcer. Refer to the Configuration section of your Backend integration documentation for instructions on how to enable Blocking Mode.
  • Once in Blocking Mode, you have completed the Onboarding process, and are blocking bad bots!

Credential Intelligence

Increase Coverage to Reduce Risk

  • Please note that compromised credential usage is recommended to be monitored on all paths, including account creation and password change. This helps reduce the risk of a future account takeover.

Implement Mitigation

  • Implementing mitigation will block threat actors and reduce account takeovers. It will also reduce the attack surface and eliminate credential stuffing attacks in the long term.

Code Defender

Ongoing Monitoring and Insights

The Code Defender Dashboard continues to update as you manage your site, giving you complete visibility into any script added or changed, and alerting on any potentially malicious behavior or change made to existing and known scripts.

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