• 27 Apr 2023
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HUMAN Account Defender provides post login account security, detecting compromised and fake accounts on apps and websites. It uses behavioral analysis to identify the suspicious patterns that define fraudulent activity, such as where an account has been breached by bad actors or falsely created for exploitative purposes (e.g., promotion abuse).


See and Stop Fraud

Stop fraud and abuse by continuously evaluating accounts over their entire lifetime with an evolving, behavior-based risk score. Not just at login or at the point of transaction.

Reduce Customer Risk

When risk is detected, respond quickly without the need for manual intervention. Keep customers safe by automatically resetting passwords, locking accounts, or taking any other appropriate action.

Cut Investigation Time

Reduce time spent investigating with an intuitive console that highlights key details of an incident. Quickly share important information by choosing from multiple pre-written reports or customizing your own.

How It Works


The Sensor and Enforcer send signals that are profiled and detected for anomalies in user behavior from past actions, pattern matching, statistical baselines, and device forensics.


Automated custom interventions are taken that include calling customer APIs, introducing hard blocks, redirecting to a challenge or to a page that works with an organization’s business flow or CIAM.


The console features advanced investigation tools and reporting. Quickly understand an incident and share knowledge with template and custom reports.

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